Om Telolet Om Meaning ?

Om telolet  om” currently a trending topic in Indonesia probably in the world.

So what exactly is the purpose of the phrase “om telolet om”?

Starting from the habit of some childrens along the north coast Indonesia who impressed against the modification of the existing bus horn in Indonesia.

The modification makes honking horn is not standard and even make rhythmic, well this is what makes the childrens become obsessed with the sound of the horn.

Then they hunt for the buses that have such modifications horn on roads that pass through, usually children clustered wielding smartphone then waiting  large buses passing by and asked the bus driver honk the typical.

Armed with a piece of paper that reads ” Om  Telolet Om” and smartphones they could stand for hours on the edge of the road only to find large buses that can emit a distinctive hooter.

You can see their act in the video below, even in the video appears these children are very happy and hysterical after on hearing the sound of the horn sound coming from a passing bus.


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